Begins, in Espaço Sonhus, the 1st Lanterna Mágica – International Animation Festival!


On June 13, 2017, at the Sonhus Space, the Lanterna Mágica held its opening in partnership with the 4th Cinema na Calçada! On that occasion we had exhibitions of national and international animation short films, a comic fair with Hocus Pocus, a food court in partnership with Casulo Moda Coletiva and a Pequiture tent.

The session took place in the outdoor area of ​​the Sonhus, following the proposal of the Cinema na Calçada project, which occupies public places in the city, traditionally with sessions on the sidewalk in front of the Grande Hotel in Goiânia.

The rest of the programming of the Lanterna Mágica will be inside the Theater of the Sonhus, until the 18 of June of 2017, check the complete schedule!

Check out the photos here!

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