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Caolha Films began its work in 2016 with the launch of two short films, “Lápis Sem Cor”, directed by Iuri Moreno and “Canto do Rio: Uma ConvivênciaPós-Várzea”, directed by Ricardo Edilberto. The films continue in distribution and have already brought good news to the company, with selections and awards in several festivals.

In 2017 we advanced with our projects and soon we will hold the 1st LanternaMágica – International Animation Festival, which will bring the international animation market to Goiânia. This year we are also producing three short films, in addition to other large projects, series, and an animation lab, which are under development and fundraising.

Caolha Films.

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Festival Directors


Camila Nunes

Camila Nunes holds a degree in Film and Audiovisual from the State University of Goiás, and is a partner in Dois4Dois Films in Bahia. She began producing at age 17 in college and since then has worked as a producer coordinator in some films, such as the short film “Lápis sem Cor”, by the director Iuri Moreno, the short “Latossolo” by the director Michel Santos and the feature film , in finalization, “Hotel Mundial”, by Jarleo Barbosa. In festivals she worked in the production of the festivals: “Cinema na Calçada” by Panaceia Films, “Perro Loco – Latin American University Film Festival”, “I BIS – International Film Sound Biennial”, produced by F64 Filmes and “III Fronteira Festival” by Barroca Films.


Iuri Moreno

Iuri Moreno is director of the audiovisual company Caolha Films, in which he wrote and directed the short film “Lápis sem Cor”, selected and awarded in several festivals throughout the country. He is currently working on the creation of animation scripts, most of them for children’s and youth audience. He holds a degree in photography from Cambury College, is specialist in Cinema and Audiovisual by UEG and has undergone several short courses that complement its training, such as the Executive Production course promoted by the EICTV in Cuba.


 Lara Morena

Graduated in Performing Arts from UFG in 2009 and also graduated on Executive Production Short Course from EICTV (Cuba). She started her activities as a cultural producer in 2005, where she was the head of the Crimeia Culture Organization, where she started the production of the “Festival Juriti de Música e Poesia Encenada”, of which she is director along with Ricardo Edilberto. Between the years of 2012 and 2015 he excelled in the production of music festivals integrating herself to the “Fósforo Company”, producer responsible for the Festivals “Vaca Amarela”, “Grito Rock” and “La Bomba Latina”.

In 2015 she joined Caolha Films, where she was able to focus on her audiovisual career as an executive producer, and since then she has worked in this role for the short film “Lápis sem Cor” by Iuri Moreno and is in the production phase of the short documentary “Novos Goianos ” by Isaac Brum and the Documental Series “Contradição” by Leo Pinheiro and Hugo Brandão.