2nd Lanterna Mágica – International Animation Festival


Subscriptions are now closed! We will announce the result soon! Thanks to all subscribers!


1) Objectives

I – The Lanterna Mágica Festival aims to promote and disseminate the international  animation market through the realization of competitive and non-competitive animation film sessions, which the guidelines follow in this regulation.


2) Submissions

I – Entries for the 2nd edition of the “Lanterna Magica – International Animation Festival” will be open between December 4, 2017 and February 26, 2018, with possibilities for extension by the organization.

II – Short films with a maximum duration of 25 minutes and feature films lasting at least 50 minutes, originating from any and all world territories, are eligible for inclusion.

III – Films with a release date prior to January 1, 2016 will not be accepted.

IV – Films selected and /or displayed in previous editions of the festival will not be accepted.

V – Films that have been not selected in previous editions may re-subscribe.

VI – Films must be on the animation genre, performed in any technique.

VII – Hybrid films will also be accepted as long as they use animation techniques in at least 25% of their duration

VIII – The person responsible for the registration must fill out the registration form available on the website:

IX – The person responsible for the registration must inform, on the field available, a link and password (when applicable) for viewing and downloading the film through an online platform such as Vimeo or Youtube. The festival will not be responsible for links with problems or passwords provided incorrectly.

X – Films that do not have Portuguese, English or Spanish as their original language should be subtitled in these languages, with subtitles embedded in the file for download.

XI – Films spoken in English or Spanish may choose to submit works with Portuguese subtitles, if any, in order to facilitate the selection process.

XII – Episodes of series or music videos will not be accepted.


3) Selection

I – The films will be officially selected by the oficial curators, and the selected ones will be divided into three sessions: National Competitive Short Films Session, International Competitive Short Films Session and Non Competitive Features Session.

II – The Non-Competitive Features Session will be composed of features entries, or features that can be invited by the organization of the festival. The session can be composed only by feature subscribers, only by features guests or by a combination of both.

III – Those responsible for the selected films should pay attention to the e-mails and telephones provided at the time of registration, and meet the demands of the festival, such as sending a copy of exhibition and other materials of publicity, under penalty of disqualification, if it does not fulfill the requests.

IV – The expenses related to the sending of the material for exhibition are the responsibility of the filmmaker.

V – The list of selected films will be available on the website and on the social networks of Lanterna Mágica Festival until March 26, 2018, and this date may be extended at the discretion of the festival organization.


4) Awards

I – The Official Jury will deliver the “Lanterna Mágica Trophy” to the following categories: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Sound, Best Animation Technique and Best Music Track, for the two competitive sessions: National Competitive Short Films Session and International Competitive Short Films Session.

II – The Popular Jury will also offer the “Lanterna Mágica Trophy” for Best Movie on the two competitive short films sessions: national and international, through voting papers available on the day the films are shown.


4) Final Provisions

I – All information on the application form, in addition to the film images (up to 30 seconds) can be used for publicity on the festival website, social networks and other media.

II – The person in charge of the film’s registration may opt for the authorization of non-profit itinerant exhibitions with free access to the community that the festival may promote in dates and places different from its official program.

III – The films selected for the 2nd edition of the “Lanterna Mágica – International Animation Festival” authorize, at the time of registration, the exhibition at the festival programme.