Lanterna Mágica is an international animation festival that aims to promote and spread the worldwide animation market. The festival takes place in the city of Goiânia, Goiás annually and made its debut in 2017. The program includes competitive and non-competitive showings, workshops, case studies, lectures and some extra surprises. All sessions and activities are free.

The festival is actualized by Caolha Filmes, which produces animations and content aimed at children and young people such as short films, series and feature films. Lanterna Mágica is directed by Iuri Moreno, Lara Morena and Camila Nunes and counts on the institutional support of the Goyazes Law.

The submitted films undergo an official curation, performed by guests who work in the audiovisual animation market, and compose the competitive and non-competitive showings. The awards are granted based on the choice made by the jurors and the public that watches the exhibitions.

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