4th Festival Day marked by several sessions!

Movies and more movies!

The 4th day of the festival was marked by the exhibition of several films in competitive and special sessions. The first, was the “Special Session: History of Animation in Goiás”, which showed already in the first session a scale of what has been produced in animation in the state of Goiás over the last 20 years. Soon after, we had the second and final session of the National Short Films Competition, where the public could watch more experimentals and adults movies in competition within a national cut.

In the early evening, the audience attended the second session of the International Competitive Short Films, which brings together productions made over the last 3 years around the world. Finally, the Brazilian feature film “Até que a Sbornia nos Separe” by Otto Guerra was shown, one of the most animated feature films in recent years in Brazil.

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