Penultimate day of Lanterna Mágica with more sessions, debates and feature films!

Lanterna Continues!

On the penultimate day of the festival, we had a highlight for the Goiás scene of animation production, at 14:00 were shown films of several directors over the last 20 years, within the “Special Session: History of Animation in Goiás” and after that was held a debate where guests and public discussed the ways that the animation market in Goiás should follow from this current panorama in which we live.

At the beginning of the evening, family and children’s films were gathered as a cut-out for the last session of the “International Competitive Short Films”, children and adults fullfilled the room of Lanterna Magica Festival at the occasion. At the end of the day was shown the brazillian movie “Uma história de Amor e Fúria” by Luiz Bolognesi and the american movie “Nuts!” by Penny Lane, being the first winner of the Annecy Festival in 2013 and the second one selected for Sundance and Rotterdan recently.

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