Pitching Dynamics




Pitching Dynamics – LanternaMágica


1) Presentation and Objectives

I – Lanterna Mágica will promote a dynamic of pitching during its programming, in order to professionalize writers, directors and producers participating. Pitching is an oral presentation format for projects and widely used in the audiovisual market, for public fundraising, co-production agreements, contracts with television channels and other situations. Understanding its importance, we make public the opening of the inscriptions for professionals to present their animation projects and participate in the proposed dynamics.


2) Submissions

I – Registration is open between May 29, 2017 and June 7, 2017.
II – Are able to be enrolled in the dynamic, professionals who have projects of short  and feature films, series or webseries of animation in the development or production phase.
III – Each professional can send as many projects as he/she wants.
IV – The person responsible for the registration should send a PDF file with the materials that you wish about the project presented (Ex: Logline; Synopsis; Argument; Concepts; Target Public; Character Profile; Scenarios and Characters Studies; Reference Images, Storyboard and etc …) to the email: inscricoeslanterna@gmail.com. The mentioned items are not mandatory, each participant must send the material that he/she finds relevant to his/her project.

V – The person responsible should also send an image to publicize the project and CVs of the director and / or scriptwriter and the producer for the same e-mail mentioned in the previous item.

VI – In the body of the e-mail, the name of the registered project, the type of project (Short, Feature, Series or Webseries) and a simplified technical file of the main stakeholders should be provided.

VII – Registration will be considered valid after sending all the material required in this regulation to the email: inscricoeslanterna@gmail.com.


3) Selection

I – The projects will be evaluated by the production team of the LanternaMágica Festival and the selected ones will be announced on June 09, 2017.

II – The expenses related to the transportation of the participants to the place of the dynamics are under the responsibility of the selected participants themselves.

III – The representatives of each selected project must present it, in a pitching format (Oral Defense), to the invited professionals. For this, they will be able to use the projector, the white screen and the sound, provided by the festival.

IV – Each project will have 5 minutes of presentation.

V – The purpose of the activity is not to close official contracts with the invited professionals, but to practice Pitching and have a return on the presented project, in search of improvements of the same and knowledge of the market practices.


4) Final Provisions

I – The simple sending of the required material for the informed e-mail entails the full acceptance of this regulation.

II – The festival is not responsible for damaged files and registrations sent out of time, and the production may automatically disqualify those responsible for registration in these conditions.